Most conventional cleaning, cosmetic and hygeine products contain harmful chemicals and additives that can disrupt the endocrine and immune system. We have found a variety of products you can swap for your conventional cleaners for a safer home environment and overall cleaner lifestyle.

Brands We Love:

  • Puracy:
    • Multi Surface Cleaner
    • Disinfecting Surface Cleaner
    • Stain Remover
    • Natural Foaming Handsoap
    • Bodywash
    • Note: their dishsoap does not clean as well as others
  • Ecover
    • Dish Tablets
    • Liquid Dishsoap
    • Stain Stick for laundry
  • Beautycounter


Toothpaste (always fluoride free)

Glass Cleaner:

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Bug Repellant


  • Beautycounter
    • Spray and lotion available
  • Babo
    • baby, spray, lotion and face lotion available