What brands of supplements do you carry?

We carry a variety of all natural whole food supplements and herbs from well renowned companies including: Standard Process MediHerb Premier Research Labs Biotics Research Ortho Molecular [...]

What is the nutrition therapy process?

Every patient is unique in the type of program they are going to follow. With that being said, the doctors believe for everyone that the most important aspects to health are: Endocrine balance à [...]

How much and how long are follow-up visits?

Follow-up visits depend on the length and type of follow-up visit. Chiropractic follow-up visits are 30 min and cost $55. Acupuncture follow-up vary depending if they are combined with nutrition. [...]

How long are initial visits?

Initial visits are 45 min for chiropractic, 60 min for nutrition and 60 min for acupuncture. Combined initial nutrition/acupuncture visits are 75 minutes. Initial chiropractic visits cannot be [...]

How much are initial visits?

Initial visits range based on the treatment. Chiropractic: $85, Nutrition Therapy: $125 (with $50 of this going towards supplements if you choose to purchase them), Acupuncture: $85.

Do you take insurance?

Please click here to find out our insurance policies.