Chomps Beef Sticks

Find Chomps online or at Whole Foods. Some flavors include nightshades so always double-check ingredients before purchasing.   Original Beef (Contains Nightshades) Ingredients: 100% [...]

Rhythm Organic Beet Chips

Find these Beet Chips on Amazon or at Whole Foods or Costco.   `Ingredients: Organic Beets

Palmini Low Carb Rice

This is a great low carb rice alternative! Find Palmini low carb rice on Amazon.   Ingredients: Slice Hearts, Water, Natural Sea Salt, Citric Acid

Miracle Noodle

Find Miracle Noodles at Costco or on Amazon! These are a great low carb noodle alternative. We personally like the spaghetti style noodle the best.   Ingredients: Water, Organic Konjac [...]

Palmini Low Carb Linguine

Palmini Low Carb Linguine can be found on Amazon. Palmini noodles are made from hearts of palm!   Ingredients: Sliced Hearts of Palm, Water, Natural Sea Salt, Citric Acid

Kelp Noodles

Find these kelp noodles online or at Whole Foods. Enjoy with Asian style dishes!   Ingredients: Water, Kelp, Sodium Alginate, Green Tea

Pure Monk Fruit Sweeteners

Sometimes it can be a challenge finding a pure monk fruit sweetener, so we did the leg work for you! Check out It’s Just 100% Monk Fruit Extract Powder and Julian Bakery Pure Monk Fruit [...]


Flackers are seed crackers with a variety of flavors. They can be found at Whole Foods or on Thrive Market.   Sea Salt Flackers Ingredients: Organic Flax Seeds, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, [...]

Pacific Foods Hemp Milk

Another great alternative milk replacement. We prefer the unsweetened vanilla flavor that can be found at Whole Foods or ordered online from Thrive Market.   Ingredients: Water, Hulled Hemp [...]

Egg-Free Avocado Mayo

Easy egg-free mayo in minutes!

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