Your first visit to Synergy Holistic Health will include a detailed review of your current and past health concerns with your doctor.  The first step in this process is completing the New Patient Intake Form, which can be done in the comfort of your home by downloading and printing this form from the website under the “Patient Forms” tab.  You are welcome to complete this form in the office – we just ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time to allow enough time with your doctor.  When applicable, please bring with you copies of previous tests (x-rays or MRI reports, blood work, hormone panels, etc.).

When you meet with your doctor, you will have the opportunity to discuss your current health concerns and your past health history face-to-face.  After you and your doctor discuss your concerns, a physical exam will follow to find the cause of your condition.  In addition to general exam procedures like blood pressure, pulse, respiration, etc., specific orthopedic and neurological tests may be used to assess range of motion, joint function, muscle tone, and neurological integrity. Diagnostic tests like x-ray or lab work may be ordered when indicated by certain physical exam findings.  Your doctor will then discuss his or her findings with you and develop a course of action to help improve your health.

Your doctor will then discuss his or her recommendations for treatment.  You are encouraged to ask questions and be informed so that you are comfortable and confident in your therapy.  Treatments may be performed on your first visit depending on the nature of your condition and time available for your scheduled appointment.  Your doctor will often schedule a follow up visit soon after your initial visit which is more treatment intensive.

Treatment plans oftentimes require several treatments to achieve the desired results. Factors including the nature, severity, and duration of your condition are taken into consideration when a treatment plan is developed.  It is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations to make sure you progress through the course of treatment and reduce your risk of setbacks.  Our ultimate goal is to naturally restore and optimize your body’s function so you can fulfill your life’s ambitions in abundance and purpose.

To schedule your first appointment, please call our office at 980-355-0842.

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