The Nutritional Strategy

For most people, this approach to healing and wellness is new and not fully understood. The following is a discussion about some of the general objectives our journey may hold, a journey that is [...]

Thyroid – The Diesel

The thyroid is a vital foundation to the hormonal control system of the body, and also provides the primary control of metabolism. In this stressful world there are many tendencies for thyroidal [...]

The Low Glycemic Lifestyle

America has been accustomed to a high carbohydrate diet. Today there is controversy around the high carbohydrate vs. low carbohydrate diet. Oftentimes the low carbohydrate diet is misnamed the no [...]

Muscle Testing Explained

The muscle testing exam performed in this office is based on the technique developed by Dr. Richard Versendaal over these past fifty years called, Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA). This type of [...]

Fats and EFA’s

There is the great deal of controversy around the truth of including fats and oils in your diet.  Many people say that fat and oil cause some common degenerative diseases.  The final truth is [...]

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