Vegan Gluten Free Carrot Cake

This carrot cake is moist and delicious, plus it's egg, dairy and gluten free!

Pacha Gluten-Free Bread

Pacha bread is a fan favorite here at Synergy! Pacha can be purchased online. There are a variety of flavors and they are all made sprouted buckwheat.   Buckwheat Loaf Sourdough Bread [...]

Sweet Potato and Dill Tuna Patties

These tuna patties are easy, delicious, and paleo!

Tahini Caramels

All Natural Products: Making a Clean Swap for Household Goods and Hygiene

Most conventional cleaning, cosmetic and hygeine products contain harmful chemicals and additives that can disrupt the endocrine and immune system. We have found a variety of products you can [...]

Allergy Free Snack Items

  Snacking on an allergy free diet can be tricky, but once you find the right brands and snacks you love, it becomes an easy part of your new healthy lifestyle. Here are some of our [...]

Costco Shopping List

Costco carries lots of organic meats and produce, along with allergen free snacks! Items at Costco sometimes go through cycles, so you will notice that for several months they will carry [...]

Start to Finish – Nutritional Repair & Fortification

The program that you are preparing to embark upon is a bold and direct approach to significantly overhauling your body. By the end of nine months you will have cleansed, repaired, and fortified [...]

But Don’t I Need Iodized Salt?

Iodine is an important nutrient to the human body.  It is naturally present in sea water, sea vegetables, and sea salt.  It is important for energy production, mental development, production of [...]

The Healing Process: “Peeling the Onion”

The healing process is often described as peeling an onion. Layer after layer of imbalances and weakness are corrected, giving the impression of peeling the onion. Typically this process [...]

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