Violife Cheese Alternatives

Enjoy the feta, parmesan, and cream cheese flavors ONLY! Always double-check ingredients as they occasionally make batches that contain corn. Violife can be found at Whole Foods or Publix.   [...]

Spero Cheese Alternatives

Spero cheese alternatives can be purchased online here. Some flavors do include nightshades (smoked flavor and red pepper flavor), so avoid these flavors if you are nightshade sensitive! Note [...]

Daiya Cheese Alternative

Daiya makes sliced and shredded cheeses. This option can be found at Publix or Whole Foods. Daiya contains chickpea, potato, and tapioca. Check ingredients on individual flavors for additional [...]

Plant-Based Mozzarella-Style Cheese Alternative

This cheese alternative may be found at Whole Foods.   Ingredients: Filtered Water, High Refined Coconut Oil, Modified Potato Starch, Modified Tapioca Starch, Potato Starch, Sea Salt, Olive [...]

Miyoko’s Creamery Cheese Alternatives

Miyoko’s makes soft cheeses and cream cheese and can be found at Whole Foods or online. Miyoko’s does contain nuts, so check out our other suggestions when it comes to dairy [...]