Raw nut and seed mix 

Almond butter or sunbutter with celery

Hard boiled eggs 

Berries/nuts and seeds with cocojune yogurt, unsweetened

Hydrolyzed Collagen protein from Biotics (sold at our office, $68) with hemp or coconut milk, add greens or coconut oil if desired

Almond butter or sunbutter with ½ apple

Canned tuna or sardines in olive oil

Veggies with Violife cream cheese or avocado with deli meat

Smoked salmon


Guacamole and veggies, like cucumber, jicama, or raw turnip

Beef jerky with nuts or seeds

½ avocado with salt

Brad’s Keto Crackers with mustard and salami

New Primal jerky sticks

Pork rinds (Whole Foods)

Chomps beef sticks (online, Whole Foods)